This War of Mine

5 Reasons Why Games Don‘t Give Feedback In The Form Of Physical Pain – And Why They Should At Least Try!

In many popular gaming franchises, you, the player, turn into a murderous killing machine, gun down hordes of enemies. Yet, you never feel the pain you inflict or that is inflicted on you. While pain seems like an obvious extension to the gamut of feedback games are able to provide, there have barely been any […]

Mobile Games That Require Players to Meet

GamesCom in Cologne is one of the biggest trade fairs for the gaming industry worldwide. I went there on a mission: Find games that take gaming out into the streets and which ask players to meet and interact with other players. This type of game doesn’t even have its own genre, yet it does exist. […]

Chess for Democracy

I was so inspired by the Occupy Central movement fighting for democracy in Hong Kong, that I wanted to create something for their community. So I tried to make a Chinese Chess set which illustrated the political situation in Hong Kong, and went to show my work at the six-month anniversary event of the start […]

Experiencing Truly Quick Production in Hong Kong

This week, I participated in the ‘Intencity’, a workshop on urban design at Connecting Spaces in Hong Kong. I will write more about the workshop in a separate post, but here I would just like to write about my experience of producing a physical prototype in Hong Kong within 24 hours. In this workshop, I decided to […]

VR needs its ‘Space Zap’

On a recent trip to the historic arcade ‘Outlane’ in Zurich, I stumbled on Space Zap, an – extremely – simple shooter game from the early days of video games history. Outlane specialises on historic pinball machines, but they also have a few old video games on display. Among them some famous classics such as […]

Off to a fresh start

  I just recently started as a student in the Master of Design programme at Zurich University of the Arts (aka ZhdK), specializing in game design. After twelve years of professional practice it was time for something new. It was time to jump. My professional career has taken me from being a young computer science […]